About Us

Juniper Engraving is a family business that has been evolving since 2017.  We are Mike and Jen and it's nice to meet you!

We offer handmade wood items with purpose for your home or work place. We use a variety of tools ranging from a laser engraver to sandpaper with our hands and fingers.  We proudly use a Made in the USA non toxic food grade wood stabilizer on all our products.  

The carving and sanding is powered by peace and joy.  The work takes time and while a monetary value on time is imposed on us, on a spiritual level time is priceless. If you're looking for something cheap and made in China, this isn't it.  If you're looking to support a small business in a small town in the USA this is it!  Your purchase puts food on the table and Uncle Sam takes his cut.  What you will find are quality pieces made with love that soothed the makers soul during the process.  When you get a piece from Juniper Engraving you're not only getting something made by a veteran but the peace and joy that was put into it.