Rosé All Day Wine Growler

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An insulated wine growler will get your rosé from here to there, super chill the whole way. Great also with chilled white wines. Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel means no sweaty bottles and no warm wine. Perfect for barbecues, camping, hiking, boating and any time you want your wine with you, no glass bottle to deal with and the temperature just right.


Production time is up to one week. Each piece is engraved in house, here at Juniper Engraving.

:: SPECS ::

750 mL/25 oz. capacity (Full standard wine bottle.)


Stainless steel drinkware is eco-friendly and made of premium materials free of lead, Phthalates, BPA and other crap. Steel is endlessly reusable. Cut down on waste for life.

:: CARE ::

The lid is top rack dishwasher safe. Bottle is hand wash only.